Body Issues and Self Esteem

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Mommy does this make me look fat?

By Jan Fulcher

Parenting language that promotes healthy body images. Constructed on a 5 foot 1 inch frame, my husband thinks even that is a stretch, my body image has been a work- in- progress for most of my 53 years. While I was raised by parents who encouraged me to not be limited based on my gender, size or body
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"Mom, Am I Fat?"

By Abigail H. Natenshon

Conversations That Could Save Your Child's Life Your child’s room is strewn with clothing as she searches desperately for something to wear that “looks decent.” As the piles become heaps, still nothing looks good enough. She peers into the mirror and sees only that her physical appearance does
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Parental Influence Takes Precedence Over Barbie and the Media

By Abigail H. Natenshon

Walk down the corridor of any junior high or high school today, and you are bound to see clusters of stick-thin youngsters “sprayed” into skin-tight clothing, some showing the skin of a pancake-flat belly; their shoes elevate them high off the ground in an effort to accentuate the very long, very
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Improving Your Child's Body Image

By JustMommies staff

Just sit and watch the television for a little while and it would appear that everyone has a flawless complexion and a perfect body. Our children are seeing images of men and women that spend countless hours working out and spend who knows how much on plastic surgery to look as good as they do. Not to
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