Inhabitots on JustMommies: Cute Winter Fashions for Stylish Babies & Kids

By Inhabitots

Tis the season for bundling up your babe in warm and cozy winter gear. But just because the weather outside is frightful, that doesn't mean your wee one can't make a sweet fashion statement with her seasonal stylish clothing and accessories. For babies and kids who like to walk on the wild side, opt for a selection from our favorite eco-friendly animal hats, scarves and mittens. Since layers are key in cold weather, button-up your tot in a gorgeous organic animal sweater from Toto Knits. If you're on the hunt for truly unique, handmade wintry fashions for your little fashionista, look no further than this precious upcycled outerwear from the artisans at Etsy. For a cheeky addition to your kid's wardrobe, Cate & Levi's winter gear: hats, scarves and mittens bear cute little frog, bunny, dog and monkey faces and are made from cuddly reclaimed wool. And if your little kittens are always losing their mittens, don't miss one mom's ingenious invention -- mimiTENS, which are specially designed to ensure that mittens stay put on tiny hands.

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