Biggest Loser Contestant Opens up About Miscarriages

By JustMommies staff

"The Biggest Loser"'s Sarah Nitta, whose starting weight was 261 pounds and today weighs 169 pounds, a 92-pound weight loss, joined the weight-loss show after having several miscarriages, following which her doctors recommended that she lose weight in order to have a successful pregnancy. Determined to start a family with her husband Jason, she took the bull by the horns and auditioned for the NBC series.

"Our goal going into this was to get myself healthy enough not just physically but mentally and emotionally healthy enough to be able to have a child. I've lost every pregnancy that I've had," the 5 feet 6 inches contestant tells "Now that I'm getting healthy enough, when I get to my goal weight, our first goal is to be able to try at least to carry a child full term that can be healthy and start that next chapter of our life."

Sarah is going to wait until after "The Biggest Loser" finale in May to try to get pregnant, but she says if it doesn't happen, she will know that she has done everything she could and she and her husband will look at other options.
If she is lucky enough to conceive and have a successful pregnancy, she says she is concerned about gaining weight, but knows that she is not alone in that. That said, she also knows that there is a healthy amount of weight that one should gain during pregnancy.
To improve her chances of a successful pregnancy, she has spoken with both "The Biggest Loser" trainers and Dr. Huizenga to get some pointers.
"They have great advice that exercise is still such an important part of a pregnancy as well as diet," she says. "Now that doesn’t mean dieting, cutting your calories like crazy, but being careful of what you're putting into your body and how much you're still using your body is very important. I believe that if I can continue to plan my day like I am now that I will still be able to maintain a healthy weight and have a healthy pregnancy."
Sarah adds that while she has concerns about falling into her old habits, she feels "The Biggest Loser" experience has taught her enough about weight loss to feel confident she will be able to take off the baby pounds.
"The difference now is that I've learned tools on how to deal with temptations and," she says. "I think that before my problem was I didn’t know how to work with hard things that came and then with the emotional stuff. And so now having those tools, I feel like I will be able to be more successful in my life dealing with my weight."

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