Celine Dion Learns Sex of Her Twins

By JustMommies staff

Celine Dion will soon be surrounded by testosterone! The singer just revealed that she is expecting twin boys in November, after finally having success with her IVF procedures. According to People, this was Dion's sixth attempt with IVF. Last August, the story leaked out that Dion was pregnant via IVF, she confirmed the news, but shortly after lost that pregnancy. The couple continued the difficult journey of IVF treatments, which finally have paid off. Back in February, Dion talked to the mag about continuing with treatments and her hope for another baby. "Not like forever, 17 times, but I am going to try until it works." She also discussed the difficult process of going through IVF, which include hormonal ups and downs, daily shots and the painstaking process of waiting for results. "It's not 'Oh, poor Celine, but it's alot," she revealed. Dion and Angelil have one son together, 9-year-old Rene Charles