Josh and Anna Duggar's Baby Announcement

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Josh and Anna Duggar will welcome a baby boy to their brood this June.

According to People mag, the pair actually had Josh's mother Michelle Duggar find out the baby's sex at a recent doctor appointment, and she kept the secret from everyone until announcing it to them all together.

"We went to the ultrasound and decided that my mom would know," Josh told the mag. "We figured she could handle the secret and then have a surprise sharing of the information with the entire family, including me and Anna."

After about a week, Michelle shared the big news with them all.

Josh, 23, is the oldest of 19 for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. He and his wife Anna have one daughter together, Mackynzie, who is nearly two.

The Duggar's series, "19 Kids and Counting," airs Monday nights on TLC.

Image: TLC

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By justjaQ on 05/09/11 at 2:39 pm

ooh yay, congrats to another young couple. how many duggars will there be in 500 years????

By MommaDucks on 04/13/11 at 6:28 am

I'm excited for them! I Love the Duggar's and think John and Anna will follow Michelle and Jim-Bob, by more raising smart, kind children.

By GSLynn on 04/11/11 at 10:27 am

Good for them. Sounds like they are very family-orientated and that's a blessing. Although, not really NEWS, per se, as more people than not tend to hav  ...

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