Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Expecting Their First Child

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Kanye West shocked and excited fans on Sunday night when he announced that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is having his baby.  According to TMZ, the proud dad-to-be started singing freestyle during his concert in Atlantic City, singing,“Baby I’ve got a plan even if it wasn’t planned…God brought us a whole new plan…even if it wasn’t planned.” 

As fans cheered he sang, “I don't think y'all quite understand.  Do y'all understand what I'm saying?... Now you're having my baby...It means so much to me... just to raise a family."

Then, according to Us Weekly, he asked fans to “make some noise for his baby mama.”

The Kardashian clan has known about the pregnancy but has kept quiet.  As soon as West announced the news, the Kardashian sisters took to Twitter.  “Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything,” Khloe Kardashian tweeted.  Sister Kourtney added, “Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!”

According to TMZ, Kim is 12 weeks pregnant.

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