Little Josie Duggar Goes Home!

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It's a very happy time for the Duggar family, as Michelle Duggar was finally able to bring micropreemie daughter Josie home from the hospital!

Michelle tells People magazine that she and husband Jim Bob are thrilled to take their little girl home. "We're grateful for the prayers of thousands. We are so excited, we are running on adrenaline ... we are so encouraged that she is doing so well."

Josie, who is daughter number 19 for the reality star family, weighed in at just 1 lb., 6 oz. when she was born prematurely  in December.

As the family left the Arkansas Children's Hospital, their physician, Dr. Robert Arrington, told the magazine, "This is the first time Josie has seen sunlight."


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By Auburnfan04 on 06/05/10 at 1:38 pm

Due to the fact this child had to be born early or else the mother have a stroke, should be a sign from God that enough is enough. That's jmo though.   ...

By mommy10_13 on 05/25/10 at 4:15 am

She is child number 19, not daughter number 19.. I watch this show and Josie had to be taken back to the hospital. They should update this..

By AndyBee on 04/27/10 at 9:18 pm

child number 19

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