Rebecca Romijn Reveals Inspiration for Daughter's Name

By JustMommies staff

Rebecca Romijn talked about the inspiration for 9-month-old Dolly Rebecca Rose's name on Monday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show -- revealing that it was all about her long-time adoration for country legend Dolly Parton.

Romijn told Ellen that she had been considering the name Dolly, but after meeting the icon herself, she knew for sure. "When I was six months pregnant, I saw her perform. Right before her show I sat with her and she asked me what I was thinking of naming my daughters ... I said, ‘I’m thinking about Dolly for one of them’…I was a little bit embarrassed to say it."

Dolly's reaction was ecstatic, Romijn revealed. "Dolly said, ‘Oh, I would be so honored. Dolly was the name I was given, it's not short for anything, and I don’t have any children of my own. I would be so honored. Please do it! Please do it!"

Following their meeting, Rebecca was so excited to tell hubby Jerry O'Connell she could barely speak. He told her, "You wanna name one of our girls Dolly, right?’ Done. Fine. We can do it!”

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