Sarah Jessica Parker's Naked Holiday Plan!

By JustMommies staff

Sarah Jessica Parker spoke with Us magazine about caring for her new 6-month-old twins, the holidays and shooting the 'Sex & the City' follow up!

The mom of three revealed one of her families biggest traditions -- the naked Christmas tree! "When I grew up, we had a 'naked tree' on Christmas, meaning it was unadorned. On Christmas Eve, those of us who still believed in Santa Claus -- and some of us who still do -- would go to bed and when we woke up in the morning the tree was decorated. We were told Santa wrapped our presents and decorated our tree in his spare time and we believed it."

As for raising her new babies, Parker says the experience can't be put into words. "You cannot put it into a little sound bite into a tiny tape recorder. It’s the most perfectly overwhelming experience. It's a total blessing and we're thrilled."

She also says, like any working parent, she and husband Matthew Broderick do their best to juggle careers and family. "You juggle, you organize, you fail, you have triumphs. Most working mothers work much harder than I do and have far less help."