Tori Spelling's Favorite Mom Moments

By Paulette Cohn

America's fascination with Tori Spelling continues as the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star allows the reality TV cameras to follow her, husband Dean McDermott, son Liam, 2, and daughter Stella, 1, as they go about their every day lives.

The Oxygen series, "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood," is now in its fifth season, and Tori tells that she agreed to make her life an open book to set the record straight, after so much misinformation about her appeared in the press.

But "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" isn't all that the 36-year-old actress has on her plate. She is also the author of her second best-selling book, Mommywood, designs and markets her own line of fashion jewelry on HSN -- and still finds time to make her own baby food for Stella.

Now talks to this manages-it-all mama to find out how she does it!

How do you balance your very busy work life with the demands of family: a new baby and a toddler, etc.

Tori Spelling: It's hard to find that balance because, on one hand, I really do want to be a hands-on, full-time, stay-at-home mom, but then there's the other part of me that loves business. I love being creative. I love creating things. I love entertaining people. So, for me, that is sort of ongoing. We try to find the happy balance of doing it all and making myself happy and everyone else happy at the same time.

A hands-on dad is really helpful. Dean is more than hands-on. He is unbelievable so that really helps. But the best thing for us is that we get to work together. So we get to take our babies to work every day, which is really helpful.

When do you sleep? Do you sleep?
Tori Spelling: At night. Just kidding. Yeah, I get some sleep. It's hard. You know, just being a mom of two, that's where you barely get any sleep. The other stuff falls around it.
Does motherhood get easier the second time around? Also, what did you learn from your first that you either use or discarded with your second?
Tori Spelling: Yes and no. It gets easier in the sense that, with Liam, I literally thought he would break. I was a first-time mom. I would spend 30 minutes putting a Onesie on him and pulling his little fingers. Dean was, "He won't break." And I said, "I know." I didn't know. With Stella, I know she won't break. So you take more chances with the second one.
Are you done, or do you think you might have more?
Tori Spelling: We like babies.
They say being a parent gets easier as you age. Have you found that to be true?
Tori Spelling: I think you learn more because you experience more. Basically, every day is a hands-on manual. You're teaching yourself how to be a parent. You're in the trenches. So each day you know more and get more comfortable with it.
Do you have any family traditions -- maybe from your childhood or growing up -- that you've passed down to your own kids that they really enjoy?
Tori Spelling: My hope and dream would be the family dinner. It's funny because we talk about it all of the time, and we're still trying to make that a reality because we're so busy. But my goal is, essentially because I didn't have it as a child, is to have the 6:00 p.m. family dinner every single night where we all sit down and have dinner together and talk as a family.
Do you have a mommy-moment story? Have you ever been red-carpet-ready -- hair, makeup, designer outfit -- and you pick up one of the kids, and you get a nice, juicy burp all over you?
Tori Spelling: It does. I find now, being a mom, we have such precious time with our kids that I don't like to go to as many red carpet events. When I was in my 20s, the premiere of a movie sounded really cool and exciting. Now I'm, "Oh, we'll wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it at home with the kids." But there are moments that happen. Actually, one night I got ready, and I was coming down, and I was saying good night to them. And Liam was sitting there, eating. And he turned, and he was going through his daddy phase, so sometimes he didn't really pay attention to me. But he saw me. And he turned and looked at me, and he said, "No." And I was like, "Oh, my God." He realized because I had red lips on and my hair done. And he had seen me in sweats, and it was like, "Oh, my God. You are leaving."
Do you have a favorite moment as a mom? Do you feel like anything you've done Good Housekeeping would say deserves its seal of approval?
Tori Spelling: Oh, gosh. I mean, every moment is amazing to me because, as a new mom -- and I guess I'm not really a new mom anymore -- but it all feels new, and it's all happening, and every day is better than the next. There's just so many amazing moments. I just stare at my kids all day long, and I even like all of the dirty diaper minutes. We talk about it a lot, about poo, on the show.
I'm always proud that I learned to change a quick diaper. Dean is really good at a diaper change, quick artist, and I didn't used to be so quick at it. I've learned it. It's hard because you've got to get the diaper over there, get the legs up, hold the butt up, put the cream on -- do it all. And it's so different. That was the craziest thing. It's so different changing a boy than a girl. It's a whole different ball game, literally.
Is doing a show like "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" a way to control the exposure Liam and Stella get? You do get the paparazzi all of the time. Or is there no controlling it?
Tori Spelling: There's really no control for the paparazzi. Essentially, the show is a way to keep our family together. We're both so busy working, so it's nice to be able to do a show that shows our lives, that lets us travel with our children, and do things with our children. And it is nice to show the fans what our real life is like. It's not all what they see in the tabloids.
Can you tell me a little bit about how your kids are dealing with the cameras? Do they ever get freaked out?
Tori Spelling: No, not yet. They're still too young for that. But, in all honesty, it's probably not what people think. It's not like we've got a huge crew, you know. And actually, our camera guy, his name is Mario, and Liam nicknamed him Moe. Often, we'll be filming and Liam wants to hang out with his Moe. And Moe puts down the camera and starts running around with him and hanging out.

Image courtesy: Oxygen