Must-Read Tips for Your Family Road Trip

By JustMommies Staff for Interstate Batteries, JustMommies Sponsor

You and the kids are psyched, packed and ready for another family adventure! You’ve gotten the children ready, gotten the time off of work and even found a babysitter for the dear kitty, Morris. Then, about 200 miles into your excursion – your check engine light comes on – and you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t let this become your family vacation memory! Not only do you need to get your family ready for a trip – your car needs to be prepared for the ride as well. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth trip – without any mechanical malfunctions:
  • Pack an Emergency Kit
Include jumper cables, a flashlight, flares, a first aid kit, a jack, water, etc.
  • Check Your Tires
Be sure to check the tread, look for any nails and make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended level.
  • Check Fluid Levels
Be sure all your fluids (wiper, coolant, oil, power steering, etc.) are topped off and reservoirs are full.
  • Perform a Quick Test to Make Sure Everything is Working
      Check your lights, brakes, windshield wipers, etc.
  • Have Your Battery Checked
Your battery failing will bring your vacation to a screeching halt, so run by one of Interstate Batteries’ 200,000 dealers for a quick check on your battery life.
By following these simple tips, you are now truly ready for a worry-free family trip – and your car, kids and even Morris will thank you!
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