Easter Eggs-travaganza! Over a Dozen Ways to Decorate Eggs

By Inhabitots

Easter is nearly here and we're having quite an egg inspired extravaganza! Think beyond the neon dye pellets and get super creative with these 7 clever ways to decorate your Easter eggs. We also show you how to use colorful fruits and vegetables to make your own natural egg dyes. Once you've made your natural dyes, see our handy guide to adding leaf imprints to your eggs to make them extra special. In case you're wondering, we have the 411 on whether your baby can have Easter eggs, in addition to other egg safety tips. Learn how to make these confetti filled eggs, which offer a secret surprise inside. If you're vegan or you just want to skip real eggs altogether, make a batch of salt dough egg ornaments that look great hanging from an Easter tree. Babies and kids of all ages will like the soft feel of these keepsake felt Easter eggs, which even a sewing novice can stitch together. Eggnots are reusable ceramic eggs that you can decorate and use year after year! These delightful wool felted eggs called Sweet Somethings are filled with a spring green 11″ Fairy Silkie (play silk toy) and an adorable Itty Bitty Critter that your child will love. If your kids love a good old fashioned egg hunt wherein they seek plastic eggs filled with small treasures, opt for these compostable Easter eggs that are made from corn instead of plastic. Apple n Amos offer non-toxic wooden eggs that will last indefinitely and may be enjoyed every day of the year in your child's play kitchen.

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