Holiday Gift Guide for Him

By JustMommies staff

Whether he’s been your significant other for years or you’ve just recently met, your choice of a holiday gift for the “him” in your life can say a lot – but it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Sure, one of those fancy new high-tech games or gadgets would be fun, but instead of spending big bucks on a holiday gift, spend some time thinking about an original and personal holiday gift for your husband or boyfriend. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

Holiday Gift Basics for Him

Even if he’s a casual guy who never sits behind a desk, every man should have at least one classic blue dress shirt in his closet. The right choice will work fine with a suit or sports jacket and can also be worn to jazz up a pair of jeans. If you’ve been together for a while and you really know him well, put together a new shaving kit with his favorite shaving and skin care products. And go ahead, toss in a sample of that terrific new cologne you’ve been trying to get him to use! If it’s a newer relationship and you don’t want to be quite so personal, any guy will appreciate – and probably needs – a nice new leather wallet. If he does a lot of business traveling, a set of luggage tags will make a very handy holiday gift. And if all else fails, there’s the old standby: socks and underwear. (Of course, you can also buy some lacy lingerie for yourself and wrap it up for him … after all, that’s basically a holiday gift for you both, right?)

Holiday Gift Helpers for Him

Take a moment, think about some of your guy’s favorite things, then pick one or two and get him a fancier version as a holiday gift. Does he spend a lot of time outdoors? Get him a great new pair of sunglasses. For a fine wine lover, a deluxe corkscrew and hand blown wine glasses could do the trick. If a long-lost childhood toy keeps coming up in conversation, look on eBay or other online sites to see if you can find one for him. Or buy him an official jersey from his hometown major league team, and go the extra yard and have his sports idol’s name and number silkscreened on the back. Gift cards can be a good last-minute holiday gift item, but don’t go the generic route – go to that Mom-&-Pop hamburger stand or model train shop he loves, even if it’s on the other side of town. And what man wouldn’t welcome a coupon good for 12 free car washes?

Personal Holiday Gifts for Him

An ordinary holiday gift idea can become something very special by adding a personalized touch. Buy him a nice new coffee mug, take a sacred vow that it will be his exclusively – and also get him a thermal on-the-go mug for the car or office plus a pound of premium coffee beans. If he’s a fan of microbrewed beer, search out two or three breweries he hasn’t tried yet and order a six pack from each. You can get him a boxed set of Bond films or a season of his favorite TV show, but take a little more time and make a customized holiday gift set of DVDs – classic World War II adventures like The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape and The Bridge on the River Kwai or sports faves like Hoosiers, Field of Dreams and The Longest Yard (the 1974 Burt Reynolds original, not the disappointing 2005 remake).