Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

There’s probably no one in the house who’s busier – and more in need of a special gift– than mom. But what to get for the mom who has everything, or who at least claims she has everything

For starters, you should focus on the treats that will make her feel wonderful as a person, irrespective of her role as a mom. So in other words, steer toward indulgences like spa services and stay away from the housework-type gifts like waffle irons, blenders, toasters, or vacuum cleaners. The more you can make her feel special for who she is (and the less you make her feel like she should be doing more work than she already is) the better. These ideas can get you started:

Spa services: Who wouldn’t love a nice massage or facial? For the mom who has everything, treat her to the most relaxing, rejuvenating services on the spa menu. Better yet, make it a day of beauty that includes a manicure, pedicure, and hairstyling.

Photo treatments: Don’t just give her a picture of the kids, dress it up. Give her favorite photo the star treatment with a fancy frame or make it into something she can see all the time, like a key chain, notepad, mouse pad, refrigerator magnet, or tote bag.

Personalized jewelry: Give her a locket or charm with a treasured photo, or look for special mothers’ rings, bracelets, or necklaces that are personalized with the birth stone of each of her children.

One-of-a-kind treats: Show her how unique she is with a one-of-a-kind gift made by an artisan. Support your hometown artists by shopping at local fairs and markets. Or check out for an array of handmade items, from handbags to jewelry to art.

Creature comforts: Help her feel like she belongs in the lap of luxury by giving her a pair of super-soft pajamas or slippers. Also you can never go wrong with cashmere for sweaters, wraps, scarves, or socks.

Hobby helpers: Get her excited again about her favorite hobby. If she’s a gardener, give her a set of handpainted garden tools or super-soft gloves. If she loves working out, get her a new gym bag or an iPod so she can listen to her favorite music. If she’s an avid crossword puzzle solver, give her a subscription to Games magazine.

A good read: Does she like to relax by curling up with a good buck? If she likes light fiction, give her a book that’ll make her laugh by Sophie Kinsella or Jennifer Weiner. If she’s into historical novels, give her a book she can dive into by Philippa Gregory or Diane Ackerman. Not sure? Check out for tons of book lists and suggestions.

A green gift: Is the mom on your list a proud environmentalist? Support her favorite cause with “green” gifts like a hemp shopping bag, organic cotton clothing, home décor items made from recycled goods, or a sampler basket of all-natural cosmetics. Even better, think beyond cut flowers and give her a plant or a small tree that she can transfer to the yard and enjoy all year round.

The gift of time: Don’t just give a gift you can wrap; give her the gift of time with you. Make your own “gift certificate” with a promise of a movie date, a dinner at her favorite restaurant, or a night out with the gang. After all, there’s probably no one who deserves more of a special treat than the hardworking mom on your list. She’ll appreciate the thought that you put into it and treasure the time you spend together.

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