Mother's Day Brunch Menu

Mother's Day is the perfect time to celebrate mom with a delicious Sunday brunch. Let the kids help prepare the meal and it will be even more special. Add some fresh flowers to the table and mom will be wowed. Here is a selection of FoodFit recipes for a buffet that's sure to tantalize her taste buds:

Mother's Day Brunch Menu


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Alice Waters' Orange Juice

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Lower-Fat French Toast

Breakfast Bread with Carob and Carrots

Potato, Onion and Herb Frittata

Tips for cooking with kids:

At the Store

Ask the kids to help you pick out the fruit for the recipes. They'll not only be more interested in the cooking process, they'll be more likely to eat what you prepare.
Kids love color, so have them choose some bright paper napkins for the brunch.

In the Kitchen

Cut the oranges and tangerines in half and have the kids help squeeze the juice out—they'll love it! Things may get a little messy, but that's part of the fun. A kid-sized apron or smock will help keep them a bit cleaner.
After you've made the French toast, ask the kids to add the magic touch by sprinkling on some powdered sugar.
Get the kids to spray the pans for the Breakfast Bread. They can also add the carob chips to the batter.


At the Table

Encourage the kids to make a homemade Mother's Day card and place it on the guest of honor's plate. They can use glitter glue, leftover ribbon and even fresh flowers to dress it up.
Ask the kids to pick out a pretty pitcher and glasses for the smoothie. Mom will be so impressed

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