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Trying to Conceive

AF showed 3-4 days early

I'm shocked, but my LP last cycle was only 13 days. My LP is normally 16-17 days. With the possible...

Am I Pregnant

dye run?? Terrible test brand! Ugh.... Picture included!

So, Af comes at about Wed-Friday... I am cramping, and not feeling well... plus increase cm!! Most l...

Trying to Conceive

Digital OPK ?

Reading the information that came with the digital opk, it seems like they work by comparing your pa...

Trying to Conceive

Big Business (anyone who gets that reference is my new best friend)

I just distributed line sheets to local boutiques today for my perfume business. Y'all keep your FX...


Young NEW York couple looking to privately adopt

I am looking to adopt a newborn baby. I just had a miscarriage and looking to give my love and home...

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