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Trying to Conceive

Fertility Friend users... Green days!?

So this is my first cycle using fertility friend. Days that I was on my period are in red. That's an...

Trying to Conceive Your First Child

Charting question

I would like your opinion on something... my husband has made a ton of noise getting ready for work...

Trying to Conceive

Oooh I'm way too excited!

Last week was a bust! I definitely didn't O on the 10th, but that's ok! I'm pretty sure I O'ed yeste...

Trying to Conceive

well this doesn't make sense...

so I'm charting on FF, I'm also using a site called ovufriend.com and the chart on there gave me cro...

Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance

Repeat beta results!

Hcg went from 166 to 384 in 45 hours! Yay!!!...

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Can You Ovulate Twice in One Cycle?

Some confusion exists on how ovulation works.  While occasionally two eggs are released during ovulation, as is the case with fraternal twins, ovulation occurs just once per cycle.  There has been some new research suggesting that ovulation can in fact happen more than once per cycle.  You may have read about a Canadian study that discovered that women develop follicles in w » Read more

Follicular Phase Explained

Your menstrual cycle is divided into three phases – the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.  The first half of your menstrual cycle is known as the follicular phase.  Th » Read more

What is the corpus luteum?

The corpus luteum, which means yellow body in Latin, is what is left of the follicle after a woman ovulates. During the follicular phase of a woman’s cycle, several follicles develop under the influence of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Each follicle contains an egg. In a typical cycle only one egg will become mature enough for ovulation. » Read more

Ovulation Spotting

If you are trying to get pregnant you may want to look for some physical signs of ovulation. Some signs of ovulation include increased cervical mucous, cramping on one side, or breast tenderness. » Read more

Ovulation Pain

You may have noticed having a pain on one side of your abdomen right around the time you ovulate.  This pain is called ovulation pain.  If you are alert to changes in your body, you may also notice other signs of ovulation taking place, such as an increase in » Read more

Luteal Phase - Understanding what happens after you ovulate

After you ovulate, you begin the second half of your fertility cycle known as your luteal phase. During the first half of your cycle, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is produced. FSH signals your body to start the process of maturing eggs for ovulation. » Read more

Implantation Bleeding Statistics

Some women experience bleeding when the fertilized egg implants into the uterus. We have created the chart below to help establish some statistics on how many women have implantation bleeding and when implantation bleeding typically occurs. » Read more