Get Your Kids Ready to Enjoy the Summer Reading Program at Your Local Library

By Inhabitots

School's out (or almost out!) for summer! Which means your local library's summer reading program is about to begin. Signing your kids up for this free program is so rewarding -- they get to read books of their choice, as opposed to having them assigned at school, they get to work toward winning fun prizes based on the amount of books they read, and of course, they are learning new words and information all the while. Help create a fun, relaxing and successful reading environment with this adorable DIY teepee you can build for your kiddo for under $15 -- or if you're craft challenged, opt for one of these sweet organic cotton teepees that you can purchase. An organic floor pillow from Smiling Planet is also another fine place to plop down with a good book. Once you gather an armful of tiny tomes, keep them organized between these personable elephant bookends. Surprise your kiddo with a personalized eco book from Paper Hat Press that makes your little one the star of the story. Double up on your educational efforts and teach your children about planet preservation by reading these 8 eco-friendly books every family should own. Budding bibliophiles will get a kick out of these funny fairytale book clips, which are a savvy alternative to dog-eared pages. If your child prefers to read after sundown, outfit her room with a LEGO inspired LED lamp to illuminate her story. If you're REALLY into books and reading, and you happen to be quite handy, try to replicate this awesome Uroko book igloo - a dream bed for book lovers!

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