Back to School: Fun Lunch Box Ideas

By JustMommies staff

Back to school means getting the shiny new lunch box and packing healthy meals for the kiddies! AOL has come up with some creative ideas that won't have the children swapping lunches with their school pals!

1. Veggies and fruits: Cut the vegetables into fun shapes, freeze fruit, like bananas and grapes, and create fun little kabobs!

2. Puzzle time: The kids will be looking forward to lunch if you include a little game inside. A puzzle, trivia game or maze will have them excited about meal time!

3. Happy meal: Surprise your little one from time to time by including a little token or toy at the bottom of their lunch box. Even a special note that says "I love you" will warm their hearts and connect you while they are in their own world.

4. Special sandwiches: Grab some cookie cutters and turn that peanut butter and jelly into a star, heart or even the initials of little Johnny or Jenny! This will make the sandwich so much more exciting - and cool to eat!

5. House hint: Include a note or photo in your child's lunch box which gives them a clue about a special surprise in store for them when they get home.

6. Share and share alike: Include a fun snack for your child and a few for their friends as well. Learning the value of sharing is an important one and incredibly rewarding!

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