Contaminants found in Baby Bath Products

By JustMommies staff

Over 28 popular children’s bathing products, including  Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Baby Magic Baby Lotion and Huggies Naturally Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Baby Wash were found to contain one or both of the contaminant chemicals formaldehyde and dioxane, both linked to cancer, says a new report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic Use.

Healthday reported on the new study, revealing that these chemicals aren’t actually listed on ingredient labels.

Stacy Malkan, of the CFSCU, commented on their recent findings. “Companies can obviously do better, and we need to demand that they do better. Many companies are already making great products that don't have any of these chemicals [and] many companies in the natural products industry have reformulated to get rid of that problem. We also know many companies are using preservatives that don't use formaldehyde.”

According to Malkan, these contaminants aren’t listed on the labels because they are “not intentionally added to the product” and are actually byproducts. Those are all exempt from labeling law…companies don't even have to know themselves.”

“The best advice for consumers is that simple is better, products with fewer ingredients overall,” Malkan reported.

Meanwhile, the Personal Care Products Council’s John Bailey says this is not new information. “These are issues that have been around for many, many years, so it's not new news. The thing that impressed me was the low levels of dioxane that were found in these products, which indicates to me that the industry is doing its job in keeping this potential contaminant down to a low level.

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