Daily Sweets: Turning Kids into Violent Adults?

By JustMommies staff

A new study out of Britain suggests that kids who consume sweets daily are more likely to become violent when they are adults.

LiveScience reported on the findings from the 1970 British Cohort study, which found a link between 10-year-old daily chocolate eaters -- who were more likely to be convicted of a violent crime by age 34.

The stats reveal that 69% of violent offenders had eaten sweets on a daily basis as children.

Researchers aren't sure why, but tell LiveScience their theories: "Our favored explanation is that giving children sweets and chocolate regularly may stop them from learning how to wait to obtain something they want," researcher Simon Moore of Cardiff University explained. "Not being able to defer gratification may push them towards more impusive behavior which is strongly associated with delinquency."