Family Stress May Increase Asthma Risk in Children

By JustMommies staff reports on a new study done at the University of Southern California, which found an apparent link between stressed out parents and asthma in their children.

The study, done in the Los Angeles area, included 2,500 non-asthmatic children from ages 5-9. Researchers found that in homes where parents reported high levels of stress  -- those children were 50% more likely to develop asthma than in less stressed out households.

Additionally, children in high stress homes were also more suseptible to the things that contribute to asthma, like pollution and second hand smoke exposure, according to the report.

One important note: It was a combination of both factors - the stress and exposure to pollutants - that were enough to trigger asthma in children, not just the stress alone.

Dr. Leonard Bielroy, a specialist in New jersey, tells Time, "The message to take away is that various factors overlap to create asthma ...  and whether those factors are psychological or physical, the more they overlap, the greater the chance of developing asthma."