IVF Clinics’ Success Rates May Not Be As Good As They Appear

By JustMommies staff


If you are considering IVF, before you decide on which clinic to go with, take a closer look at how the clinic reports success rates.  According to a report from Chicago’s Business Wire, IVF success rates can be misleading.


Some clinics are able to report higher success rates by limiting their practice to couples that are less difficult to treat or who are under the age of 35.  Naturally, a clinic that restricts patients to only the best possible candidates may have a higher success rate.  While this might make their numbers look better on paper, it doesn’t give you the real story. 

Other clinics – like the clinic that treated Nadya Suleman – try to inflate their success rates by transferring more embryos.  Because clinics’ guidelines and protocols are not the same, it makes it difficult to really compare success rate statistics. 

Fertility experts urge patients to focus less on the numbers and more on the clinic itself.  Some suggestions they offer are to look at the:

  • percentage of high order multiples a clinic reports.
  • success of cryo-embryo transfers
  • egg donor success rates
  • size of the practice
  • services offered

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