John Walsh’s Son’s Murder Finally Solved

By JustMommies staff

Despite the devastation of losing his 6-year-old son Adam in 1981, John Walsh went on to make his life’s plight catching criminals through the TV show, “America’s Most Wanted.”

Now, Walsh can hopefully find closure in this tragic loss, as it has been revealed that the man who allegedly murdered Adam was serial killer Ottis Toole.

The Associated Press reports that Toole confessed the killing to his niece on his deathbed in jail. He had reportedly previously admitted to the murder, but recanted the story.

Walsh spoke at a press conference Tuesday, telling reporters, “Who could take a 6-year-old and murder and decapitate him? Who? We needed to know. We needed to know. And today we know. The not knowing has been a torture, but that journey's over.”