New Report: Soy and Breast Cancer

Asian-American women who consumed high amounts of soy as children are 58% less likely to develop breast cancer as adults, Reuters reports

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute say that when adolescents or adults consume soy, there was still a 20-25% drop in breast cancer, but nothing as drastic as when it’s taken by children, translating into this period of development being a key factor.

Dr. Larissa Korde, of the National Cancer Institute, tells Reuters that this childhood soy consumption may interfere with the biology of breast cancer, as its isoflavones may possibly alter breast tissue.

Reuters reports that American women are four to seven times more likely to get breast cancer than women living in Japan or China. When Asian-American women families do move to the United States, each generations risk for breast cancer increases.

Learn more about the study here:

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