Oldest Mom to Give Birth Dies at Age 69

By JustMommies staff

Maria del Carmen Bousada, the oldest woman on record to give birth at age 66 to twins, has died at age 69, the Associated Press reports.

Bousada's story is an interesting one. At age 66, she reportedly came to Los Angeles from Cadiz, Spain, wanting to have a baby and seeking fertility treatments. She ended up at the Pacific Fertlity Clinic, and lied about her age, saying she was 55 (the clinic's maximum age for single women to receive treatments).

According to the AP, Bousada told an interviewer around the time she had the twins that the clinic had not asked her for any identification.

Bousada's brother confirmed the news of her death to a local paper, but no reason has been given. There is also no word on who will raise the 2-year-old twins born through IVF. Get more details on the story here.