Report: More Women than Ever Having Babies Out of Wedlock

By JustMommies staff

The federal research is out! 2007 was a banner year for babies, with more being born in the U.S. than ever before -- 4, 317, 119 little bundles of joy were delivered. The more newsworthy number, the Associated Press reports, is the 40% percent figure – which goes to babies being born to women out of wedlock.

The reasoning behind so many unmarried women having children? Duke University’s lead fertility researcher, Philip Morgan, tells the AP that it’s simply more acceptable by society to have children and not be married, and also, for single women to have children and not have a partner. Couples also reportedly are choosing more often to have children out of wedlock.

Interestingly, the wire service reports that abortion rates are down to their lowest numbers in decades, one theory attributes the decline to better education and use of contraceptives.

Other interesting findings:

Cesarean sections are on the rise. Nearly 30% of babies were delivered via c-section in 2007.

Utah had the biggest amount of babies being born there – while Vermont came in the lowest.

Women on average are having 2.1 babies.

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