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Study Proves Penis Size Matters

Remember when we were all told that no matter the penis size, a woman’s vagina can accommodate it,...

Heated Debates

Gay Marriage

Im just curious as to what everyone's thoughts and opinions are on gay marriage/rights. You will...

Heated Debates

Penis Size

Are we allowed to debate this? I'm in one of my goofy moods. lol Does size matter? Have you ever se...

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Mommy Bloggers May be Held Liable for Product Reviews

By JustMommies

According to a report on ABC News, mommy bloggers may need to watch what they say when it comes to writing online product reviews.  The FTC is in the process of reviewing this issue.  The revisions being discussed would take existing advertising laws and apply them to new forms of social media marketing like blogs.  » Read more

Family Group to Obama: Protect Our Kids Online

The Family Online safety Institute is asking President elect Barack Obama to make the online world a safer place for our children. Thousands of kids every year fall prey to online predators, cyber bullies and harassment. » Read more

John Walsh’s Son’s Murder Finally Solved

Despite the devastation of losing his 6-year-old son Adam in 1981, John Walsh went on to make his life’s plight catching criminals through the TV show, “America’s Most Wanted.” Now, Walsh can hopefully find closure in this tragic loss, as it has been revealed that the man who allegedly murdered Adam was serial killer Ottis Toole. The Associated Press reports that Toole confessed the killing to his niece on his deathbed in jail. He had reportedly previously admitted to the murder, but recanted the story. » Read more

CVS Test During Pregnancy Linked to Infantile Hemangiomas

Reuters reports that women who had CVS testing done during pregnancy may have a higher risk of having a baby born with an infantile hemangioma.  CVS or Chorionic villus sampling is a test that is done in early pregnancy to screen for genetic birth defects like Down Syndrome. » Read more

Vicks VapoRub May Harm Children Under Two

When inappropriately applied under the nose, Vicks VapoRub can create respiratory distress for children under two, U.S. researchers say. » Read more

Ad Campaign to Promote Breastfeeding in Public Draws Attention

A new ad campaign launched by a breastfeeding advocacy group in Marin County, California is getting attention.  A report on NBC’s Bay Area affiliate reports about this new head-turning ad campaign. o encourage women to breastfeed in public, the Marin Breastfeeding Coalition will be placing life-size cut outs of women breastfeeding their babies all over the Marin County area.  The campaign hopes to promote the acceptance of breastfeeding in public. » Read more

Octuplets Born in California!

The world’s second set of Octuplets have been born in California Monday, January 26th. The Associated Press reports that the mother, unidentified at this point, gave birth to six baby girls and two boys at a Kaiser Permanante hospital in Southern California. The weights of the babies reportedly range between 1.8 and 3.4 pounds, and doctors say they are all in stable condition. » Read more

Octuplets’ Mom: Selling Her Story?

When the news of a woman giving birth to octuplets in Southern California broke a week ago, the story seemed sensational enough! » Read more

Octuplets Mom Nadya Suleman Speaks Out

In her first interview since giving birth to octuplets  January 26, Nadya Suleman tells NBC’s Ann Curry on the “Today” show  that she had six embryos implanted during a fertility procedure. “I wanted them all transferred,” she explained. “Those are my children, that’s what was available and I used them. So, I took a risk. It’s a gamble.” » Read more

Investigators Search for Missing Florida Girl

Haleigh Cummings, a five year old girl from Florida, has been missing since early Tuesday morning.  CNN reports that she was likely abducted from her home. According to CNN affiliate WJXT-TV, the girlfriend of Cumming’s dad, Misty Croslin, called 911 at 3 a.m. on Tuesday to report the child missing.  She was watching Haleigh and her 4-year-old brother on Monday evening.   » Read more