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The Mommy Lounge

Bumkins Waterproof Giveaway!

Bumkins finer baby products are amazing, eco-friendly and best of all – washable and waterproof! [img[/img Enter now for your chance to win your very own Waterproof Dirty Duds Bag, Waterproof Quickee Bag, Waterproof Mini Bag and a Pack of Flushable Diaper Liners! To enter, visit the Bumkins site and then return to this thread, posting which product is the top of your wish list! You have until July 20 at 12 p.m. PST to enter – so g...

The Mommy Lounge

Hi :)

My name is Heather. My first child is due on 02/02/2010. I don't have any friends that have children or are pregnant so I am hoping to make some friends that are! :D...

The Mommy Lounge

Are You a Permissive Parent?

Are you an extremely permissive parent?* Do you believe in parenting without any rules or discipline?* Do your friends ever say you're spoiling your child or letting him/her run wild?* Or do you buy ever-more-expensive gifts for your child? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you for a new documentary series on a top-rated cable TV network. Please send your name, phone number, a photo, and a description of your family and parenting style to: casting (@) punchedint...

The Mommy Lounge

new to this

I am relatively new on this forum. I was not sure where to post. I am a single mother over 40 who is hopeless at dating. I get lonely sometimes and could you some more connections with other moms....

The Mommy Lounge

Former Illuminati member speaks about breaking free from cult

Svali was a programmer for the Illuminati whose job was to brainwash people to make them work for the cult for free. After leaving she wrote about their plans, beliefs, practices, how they program people, and most importantly how to help people who were programmed. After she left she spent a year undoing her own brainwashing, then she used her knowledge to get her children out of the cult. When her husband saw that she made it out alive, he joined her. This document is well-written and articulat...

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