Labor and Childbirth

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Moms of Infants

Induced or Spontaneous?

Was your labour induced, or spontaneous? they attempted to induce me with Gaby, but it didn't work - had no change to my cervix after 36 hours... and then my water broke & there was a lot of meconium, so i pretty much demanded a c/s - by that point I was exhausted in every way possible, and just wanted it over with. Luckily my m/w was on the same page!...

JustMommies Welcome Center

Mommy of 2 currently 28weeks pregnant

hello everyone, I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with a babyboy. I've had a DD full term she is 6 now and another DD who is two now and was a preemie born at 28weeks. I'm a little curious on what your opinions are of my situation and appreciate all insights in your participation. My issue is that I'm 3/3.50 cm dialated 30 percent effaced at 1 station and my cervix is shortened to 1cm. I've been in the hospital since thurs. There thinking about sending me home. What are your opinions i feel lik...

Birth Stories

What's Up, Doc?

As much as I fought induction due to GD, I ended up being induced on August 2nd anyway due to high blood pressure on August 2nd. My mom and husband were present. It was Mob Week on AMC, so the soundtrack to my labor was the Godfather theme. The nurse started the oxytocin drip at 6:40 am and the doctor came in to break my water at 8. I was already dialated a 2-3 and 50% effaced. One of my least favorite memories of that day is having to hold the towel between my legs during trips to the bathr...

In the News

End of cheap labor in China

SHANGHAI (AP) — Factory workers demanding better wages and working conditions are hastening the eventual end of an era of cheap costs that helped make southern coastal China the world's factory floor. - Costlier labor, currency are ending cheap made-in-China era; manufacturers struggle to adapt[/url ...

In the News

Obesity May Increase Risk of Preterm Birth

Babies born to women who are overweight or obese are more likely to be delivered prematurely, and the heavier the mother's weight, the greater the risk, a study shows. Obesity May Increase Risk of Preterm Birth[/url ...

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Six Reasons Not to Give Birth on Your Back

By JustMommies staff

The famous hospital bed on wheels with the angry laboring mother lying down screaming through contractions, or semi-sitting half up is one scene we have all seen played out. Laboring while on your back is the most popular position depicted in movies, television and even hospital birthing guides. Women
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9 Tips for Reducing Pain During Childbirth

By JustMommies staff

Having a baby is a known blessing, while the painful process of birthing a baby is a known curse. Duration and pain of labor can vary greatly per mother. It can also wildly vary for the same woman through birthing different children. Here are nine tips for reducing pain during childbirth and take some
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Planning a VBAC After 2 or More C-Sections

By JustMommies staff

Once a cesarean, always a cesarean? Not necessarily. While that may have been the standard medical practice for great-grandma, more and more women are exploring and conquering the world of VBACs every year. VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. They may not be for everyone, but surgically intervening
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The Truth About the Estimated Due Date

By JustMommies staff

"I am here, ready to have my baby," an expectant mother stated, as a matter of fact, upon arrival at the hospital one morning. "How far apart are your contractions?" the staff asked, retrieving paperwork to start admitting her. "I haven't had any contractions," she replied. "Did your water break?" asked
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Top 10 Fears about Childbirth

“You’re expecting me to push what through where?!” Most women have, at one time or another, felt
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What Is a Lotus Birth?

By Laura Carlson

Surprisingly, a small but mighty trend in Lotus Births is emerging among pregnant women in the Western World. "Lotus Birth" is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut and attached to the placenta for several days after childbirth. Some estimates put the percentage of such births at 5 percent.
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Fetal Distress During Labor

By JustMommies staff

Both excitement and apprehension may be rising as your baby's birth date draws near. Knowing what to expect can help you and your birth coach adjust to sudden changes that can occur in the birthing room, such as "fetal distress." This term means that the baby may have an abnormal heart rate or that his
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Shoulder Dystocia

By JustMommies staff

Do you find yourself mulling over the "what if" emergency situations that might happen during childbirth? Luckily, obstetrical emergencies occur in only seven percent of 1,000 live births in the United States. And, even less common is the complication called shoulder dystocia, an obstruction that happens
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Uterine Irritability during Pregnancy

By JustMommies staff

Feeling contractions...and you're just barely into your third trimester? One of the health challenges to be on the lookout for during pregnancy is uterine irritability. An 'irritable uterus' is when the uterine muscles contract without causing any changes in your cervix or being a sign of labor. Causes
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8 Ways to Speed Up Labor

Prodromal labor, or pre-labor, is the body’s way of preparing for birth. When a woman experiences prodromal
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