Third Trimester

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Due Date Club of October 2014

Any Easter Plans?

My youngest will be 2 tomorrow so we are having a party and grilling out. I am also planning on a bi...

Due Date Club of October 2014

Saw my midwife on Thursday

I completely forgot to post about my most recent midwife visit. There was nothing too special excep...

Due Date Club of October 2014

My sister in OB nursing

So my sister is doing OB Nursing right now. I can't even talk to her. She keeps talking to me abo...

Due Date Club of October 2014

I thought this phase was OVER!

So, since going through 2 full months of constant nausea, even after it went away my gag reflex had...

Due Date Club of November 2014

Reveal Photos!

I had some of you ask that I share my reveal photos so here you go :) The weather wasn't cooperating...

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Leg Cramps in Pregnancy

Leg cramps, also known as "charlie horses", are common during pregnancy. These painful muscle spasms often occur at night when laying in bed, but they can occur at any time throughout the day. Extending the foot or pointing the toes can trigger a leg cramp. What causes leg cramps in pregnancy? It is not known the exact reason as to why leg cramps occur in pregnancy. It is suspected that the expanding uterus may put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the leg subsequently causing leg cramps and pain. » Read more

Kick Count Chart (PDF format) » Read more

Kegel Exercises

Most women have heard about Kegel exercises, but for many, they remain a mystery. What exactly are they, what do they do, and who should do them? » Read more

Keeping Track of Fetal Movements

Starting around 18 weeks of pregnancy, you will begin to feel fetal movements. These kicks and movements will be easier to distinguish the further along you are. Around 28 weeks of pregnancy is a good time to start keeping track of fetal movements daily by using a kick count chart. Opinions vary from practice to practice on how to count kicks, number of kicks to count, and when you should call your doctor. Talk to your doctor about her protocol for performing kick counts. » Read more

Insomnia in Pregnancy

During your last trimester, getting a good night sleep becomes increasingly difficult.You may be having a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping position or you may be getting up throughout the night to use the bathroom. Along with all the physical symptoms keeping you up, you may be preoccupied with thoughts of when will labor happen, what will my baby look like, and hundreds of other thoughts that riddle the minds of pregnant women are our best tips for getting a good night sleep during pregnancy. » Read more

Fun Belly Painting Ideas

Maybe it’s never even occurred to you; or maybe you’ve been dying to do it ever since you got pregnant. Either way, belly painting can be a fun way to express yourself when you have a beautiful, round baby belly. » Read more

Constipation in Pregnancy

You knew about morning sickness, expected fatigue, but why haven't you heard about constipation in pregnancy? Believe it or not, constipation is quite common in pregnancy and actually has a physiological cause. Don't fret. We are about to arm you with our best tips for relieving constipation. » Read more

Belly Casting

By Maria T. Pepin

Are you looking for a fun way to capture the shape of your pregnant body? While taking photos or videos will do the trick… consider belly casting. It is truly a unique and easy way to commemorate the miracle of life. A 3D belly cast is made from plaster and shows off an expecting mom’s beautiful form. » Read more

Baby Registry Must-Haves

For many new moms, especially first-time moms, creating a baby registry is an exciting and helpful first step in setting up a nursery. It allows the relatives and friends who want to give you a gift to look to your registry for guidance about your needs and tastes, and it helps to avoid duplication of gifts. » Read more

Swelling During Pregnancy

As you reach your second trimester, you may be starting to notice swelling of your feet and ankles. Edema is the medical term for swelling and primarily occurs in the lower extremities during pregnancy, but sometimes in the fingers and hands as well. While it is expected to have some swelling during pregnancy, edema can be a signal that there is a problem. » Read more