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Are You a Permissive Parent?

Are you an extremely permissive parent?* Do you believe in parenting without any rules or discipline?* Do your friends ever say you're spoiling your child or letting him/her run wild?* Or do you buy ever-more-expensive gifts for your child? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you for a new documentary series on a top-rated cable TV network. Please send your name, phone number, a photo, and a description of your family and parenting style to: casting (@) punchedint...

Trying to Conceive

What's your biggest struggles when it comes to parenting?

Hello Fellow Moms! Being a parent, what's your biggest struggles when it comes to parenting? We are conducting a survey right now so I'll appreciate any inputs. Thanks! Have a great day always...

Moms of Teens and Preteens

To use or not to use parental control software?

[COLOR=#282828 [FONT=Verdana Hello, everyone! [COLOR=#282828 [FONT=Verdana My name is Sue, I'm a mother of 13 years old boy. [COLOR=#282828 [FONT=Verdana Recently I've caught my son, watching X-rated web-site… [COLOR=#282828 [FONT=Verdana We've discussed it with my husband, he wanna use parental control software. Actually I've always thought, that it's not a solution of the problem, but we've finally decided to try some…anyway we can always reinstall it.. [COLOR=#282828 [FONT=Verdana So I'...

Military Mommies

How long?

How long did you and your SO TTC before finding out you were pregnant? ------------------- Josh and I NTNP for 2 months before I found out....

Military Mommies

Disney Jr

Anyone with kids small enough did you catch the new shows this morning? How do you like the change?...

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Tantrums and Emotions: Helping your little one by Talking about Feelings

By JustMommies staff

Small people can have big emotions. A crucial time for parents to teach coping skills to their children is when they are young. There are the commonly known periods, such as “terrible twos and threes” and “the teenage years” where developing emotions are either forming or being heightened by
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How to Deal with Super Tantrums

By JustMommies staff

You are out and about with your child running errands, when all of a sudden he goes from happy and calm to full on hell-raiser. The uncontrolled, horrific outburst surely causes a scene. With all eyes on you and your little one, you probably turn red and lower your head out of embarrassment. What's left
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When Parents Aren't on the Same Page

By JustMommies staff

Think back to the time before you became a parent: Maybe you talked with your partner about having children. Yet, your “parenting styles” may not have entered the conversation. Some clinical counselors say people get into relationships with belief systems that come from their own childhoods. When
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9 Ways to Liven up Your Summer

The kids are out of school and you have vacation that you’ve been saving up. Hmm, what to do? With summer fully in swing, it’s time to venture out and create family moments that you all will reflect on for years to come. How exactly do you do that, you say? Well, we have nine great ideas to help
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The Top 7 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids - and Why

By Laura Carlson

Oh, the joy of telling harmless “white lies” to your children. These delightful near-truths range from those that carry on the bliss of holiday traditions to others that happily curb bad behavior. Most parents contend that it's not lying, per say; rather, they are putting off (or bending) the truth
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5 Things Only Moms of Picky Eaters Will Understand

Your picky eater is all yours, so you love him, of course, but do you ever have those days where you think about how much easier life would be with a kid who just loved to try new foods? If you've had daydreams where you imagine serving up delicious and even experimental cuisine that your kid gobbles
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Is Your Child a Natural-Born Liar?

Have you recently caught your little one lying for the first time? Or maybe it’s become a thing now, where your child seems to lying on the regular. You may be starting to wonder if your child is a natural-born liar. Children & Lying: What Research Has to Say As it turns out, learning to lie is an
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The 7 Best Code-Talking Methods Parents Use

Children are little sponges—after a while, they pick up on everything. From your actions to your words, at some point they begin to apply meaning to them. This is when most parents feel the need to get crafty and create code words that are designed to throw tiny listening ears off the trail of what's
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New Year's Resolutions for Better Parenting

By Laura Carlson

Want to gain new skills for the New Year? Why not put “better parenting skills” at the top of your resolution list? It turns out that the way parents interact with their kids has a strong impact on how they develop. This relationship can affect certain actions, cognitive functions, and social skills.
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The Problems with Permissive Parenting

By JustMommies staff

Hands-off parenting, or permissive parenting, is when parents do not prefer to enforce any rules or authority over children. Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist who studied the science of parenting methods in the 1960’s, describes three main types of parenting, including authoritarian or strict
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