Card Box Craft

Encourage pen pal friendships for your child by creating these simple, cute card boxes for her and a friend! Your preschooler will delight in helping you decorate a box to keep their own self-created stationary, stickers, crayons and envelopes to create their own child-to-child correspondence. 

Along with having an adorable spot to keep their card making materials, your child will also learn the importance of developing thoughtful friendships. This is also an opportunity to teach your child how the mail works, what an address is for and how to properly address the card to send to the friend of their choice. (Note: for young children, remember you’ll have to write the address and return address on the front of the envelope as they observe, but they are welcome to put the stamp on once you show them where it goes, and can also decorate the back of the envelope.) 

Small tin box (any size will do, just make sure a postal-approved size envelope can fit inside)
Decorative paper 
Letter stickers, or marker to write with
Flower stick-ons
Anything else you want to add! 
Glue the decorative paper around the outside of the card box. If desired, use a plain, neutral color to glue on the front for the child’s name, which you can stick on with fun letter stickers, or simply write on with a marker. 
Cut ribbon to glue around the top lid of the box, clear glue dots found at most craft stores work excellent for this. You can also tie and bow ribbon around the top handle of the box, if desired. 
Glue or stick on flowers, or any other decorations you want to make the box complete.
For stationary, simply cut sheets of paper to a card size for the envelopes you use, and fold in half. Use stamps that read “Thank You!”, “Hello!” “You are my friend!” etc. on the outside of the card and let your child decorate, color and write on the inside. 

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