baby shower

Creative Baby Shower Games

Tired of the same old baby shower games? Want to delight your guests with something memorable and entertaining? Try out these fun ways to put a fresh spin on shower shenanigans.

Cloth Diaper Baby Shower Ideas!

Diaper showers are a wonderful blessing whether the diapers are disposable or cloth. However, if you or your friend knows they will be using cloth diapers, there's something amazing in opening package after package of colorful, cloth diaper fluff and patterns, knowing they will never run out. Throwing a cloth diaper baby shower can be laundry-loads of fun. » Read more

Planning a Baby Sprinkle

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate having your second or later child, but understand that throwing another shower may be inappropriate, opting for a trendy "Baby Sprinkle" may be just the middle ground you're searching for. » Read more

Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

Disposable is out, eco-friendly is in. More parents are making the commitment to “go green” and what better way to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of a new baby than to plan an eco-friendly baby shower for the earth-loving mom. If you know a mom that is interested in environmentalism, recycling, or natural living, plan an amazing “green” baby shower for her with these great ideas.

26 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

You are twenty-six weeks pregnant now. Next week you will start your third trimester You may have most of your baby’s items purchased or you may still be scrambling to purchase everything. Many moms will have a baby shower before baby’s arrival. » Read more