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8 Rules for Teens and Cell Phones

No one sailed the ocean blue to discover it, but the wireless world is the new world we live in. Technology is a natural extension in the lives of most teenagers today. Being plugged in, sans plugs, is more than just a tool or hobby; it’s a habit that often revolves our lifestyles. The cell phone and the teenager is a dilemma we love and hate. » Read more

8 Reasons Parents Should Put Down the Cell Phone

According to parenting coach Toni Schutta, parents spend an average of 11 hours a day using electronic devices. All of these hours add up to time that is taken away from children. » Read more

When to Get Your Child Her Own Cell Phone

"Hey mom, I really need a cell phone." Have you heard words similar to these from your tween or teen who is feeling some peer pressure or the need to stay in touch with friends? Many parents worry that if they get their child a cell phone it might be overused for playing online games or texting instead of studying. » Read more

Follow JM's Mobile Mamas

By JustMommies

Are you just dying to have a smartphone?  Three of our JustMommies’ bloggers were given an opportunity to try out a smartphone from Best Buy.  Follow their posts to see what they think about their new phones.  Patty, aka pattyandthemoos, » Read more

Quiz: Do You Have Mobile Mama Mojo?

Are you a whiz with technology or stuck in the eighties?  Find out how much mobile mama mojo you have by taking our fun quiz. Take the quiz! » Read more