Cold Medicines

Natural Cold Remedies for Babies

Over the counter (OTC) cold and cough medicines should not be given to children under 6, and especially not to babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises doctors to always recommend more natural remedies for babies when they contract a cold. » Read more

Probiotics: Cold Buster for Kids?

By Justmommies

Probiotics continue to get positive props -- this time in relation to being a cold buster for children. Reuters reported on the new study done in China, which involved 326 children, some of which were given probiotics in the forms of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium animalis with their milk. » Read more

Yucky Medicine – How to Get Your Kids To Take It

These days, there are a number of ways to make yucky medicine more palatable for children. Pre-sweetened medications and flavored additives are readily available –ask your pharmacist to add flavoring to a prescription – but sometimes a bitter pill or potion still has to be swallowed. » Read more

Think Before You Dose: Cold Medicine and Children

By Rebecca Pillar

One of the scariest times of parenthood is having a sick child. This becomes even more difficult when your sick child is an infant unable to tell you what is wrong. We’ve all seen the cold medications available at the store. It’s even quite possible that we own and use some of these medications when our children are sick. » Read more