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From The Message Boards

Due Date Club of March 2018

First ultrasound!

Had my first ultrasound yesterday to determine how far along I was since I couldn't remember for the...

Secondary Fertility Issues

ivf with donor egg - any advices?

Hello girls! I'm new here, hope for your advice. I will start from the beginning so it will be clear...

Due Date Club of August 2017

38w appointment update...

BP is still being wonky. Climbing up on the table managed to put it over 150/90 (I can't remember th...

Stay At Home Mommies

Earn extra income fast easy and free

He was a great way to earn some extra income for us stay at home mommy's it is fast easy and it's wo...

Due Date Club of March 2018

Cautiously joining. Probably not staying for long....

Hello ladies! (long post) I am the mom of two boys, one (would be) eight year old in heaven (Passed...

Cloisonne Bead Earrings

By JustMommies staff

Supplies needed for this craft: 2 oval Cloisonne beads 4 seed beads red 2 gold earring hooks 2 gold headpins round nose pliers 1- On a headpin add one seed bead then the cloisonne bead then the last seed bead 2- Measure about 1 inch up from the last added bead and clip off the wire that's extra. 3- Form
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Leather & Chain Butterfly Necklace

By JustMommies staff

silver open link chain (18in) butterfly charm red suede leather lace (25in) silver head pin craft glue round nose wire pliers scissors 2 small red beads clasp fixtures 3 split rings   1- Take the head pin and place one bead on,then the charm then the last bead.Cut off the extra wire from about one inch
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