Video Games

Could Video Games Be Good for Your Teen?

When it comes to video games and teens, you've probably heard about the negative effects of playing video games, including aggressive behavior,
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Do Electronics Prevent Your Child from Learning Real Social Skills?

When summer vacation rolls around, many kids start spending more free time playing electronic games, posting on social networks and texting (not to mention watching more TV). More than half are connecting to electronics instead of linking with friends—in person.
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Kids and Electronics: How Much is too Much?

When it comes to kids and electronic entertainment, parents have been asking the same question ever since the television was invented: How much is too much? Numerous groups have come up with a solid answer on daily limits based on research. Unfortunately, a majority of kids in almost all age groups are over their daily recommended limit.
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Can Kids Really Become Addicted to Video Games?

By JustMommies

It’s tough to pull them away from the computer, the Nintendo DS or wherever they are playing the latest video game. Now, a new study reveals that some kids – as many as 8.5% – actually become addicted to playing their video games. LiveScience reported on the study done by Harris Poll, which questioned over 1,000 kids between eight and eighteen.
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Video Games and Kids: Setting Appropriate Guidelines

If your child or teenager is hooked on video games, chances are you’ve had more than one confrontation over limits – when, where, and how much is too much. That’s because, like any good parent, you want to set some guidelines for how they can use the games safely and wisely. The question is, how do you sort through all of the issues to make the best decisions for your child and your family?
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