weight issues

Should I Worry That My Baby Is Overweight?

By Nancy Da Silva

A fat baby is a happy baby. That’s been the rule of thumb for generations, but in this day and age that old adage could be doing more harm than good. ‘Fat’ in your grandma’s day and ‘fat’ today refer to very different ideals. In your ancestor’s time, the diet was a lot more wholesome with chemical and additive free foods.
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Overweight Mom equals Overweight child?

It’s not just bad eating habits in the home that may contribute to an overweight child – it may actually begin while they’re still in the womb. A new Reuters reports reveals that while the home environment has a big impact on children’s weight, how one eats while pregnant also creates an “imprint” in the womb as well. Researchers at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, through their current study on overweight mothers, say the environment the fetus is growing in is a factor for determining future weight issues.
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