Toddler Spends Big Money Online!

A 3-year-old girl managed to bid in an online auction – and won an item for $12,300! That is, until her mother woke up from a nap and learned the big news!

The AP reports that little Pipi Quinlan from New Zealand bid on and won an earth-moving digger for $ 12,300 on the auction site Trade Me.  Her mother, Sarah, had been on the site earlier bidding on toys and had then gone to take a nap.

"I saw an e-mail from TradeMe saying I had won an auction and another e-mail from the seller saying something like `I think you'll love this digger,’” Sarah reportedly told the local paper, the Rodney Times. “It wasn't until I went back and reread the e-mails that I saw $20,000 — and got the shock of my life.”

Sarah was able to explain and settle the manner – thus avoiding a 12k bill and a shiny new earth-moving digger!

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