Parenting Tweens and Teens

Childhood Stress in a Changing World

Adults are not the only ones who suffer from stress-children of today often deal with stresses that their parents never had to face when they were young. They deal with an inordinate amount of pressure from an increasing number of sources, both inside and outside of their homes. » Read more

Guidelines for Keeping Children Safe at Every Stage

As parents, we have many responsibilities and worries-and child safety falls into both categories. While we are entirely responsible about keeping our crawling babies safe from electrical outlets, we must also remember to teach our tweens and teens about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and other challenges they face. » Read more

Teen Smoking: What to Know, What to Do

The pungent smell of cigarette smoke often lingers on your teen's clothing. How can you find out if that is because she stood next to someone who was smoking or if she's lighting up? What are the things you should know about teen smoking, and what can you do about it? If you want to figure out if your teen has started smoking, stay on the lookout for these signs: » Read more

When to Get Your Child Her Own Cell Phone

"Hey mom, I really need a cell phone." Have you heard words similar to these from your tween or teen who is feeling some peer pressure or the need to stay in touch with friends? Many parents worry that if they get their child a cell phone it might be overused for playing online games or texting instead of studying. » Read more

6 Coolest Apps for Tweens & Teens

As kids grow into tweens and teens, many parents worry about the apps their kids are using with their electronics. Are they safe? What are they sharing with whom? Are their apps useful or educational? » Read more

6 Signs Your Teen Is Using Drugs

Parents of teenagers often find that their teens will not talk to them-even kids who used to tell mom or dad everything about their daily lives. Perhaps they spend more time in their room, give up a favorite sport, "forget" their chores, argue, and are generally moody and irritable. » Read more

Do Electronics Prevent Your Child from Learning Real Social Skills?

When summer vacation rolls around, many kids start spending more free time playing electronic games, posting on social networks and texting (not to mention watching more TV). More than half are connecting to electronics instead of linking with friends—in person. » Read more

7 Ways to Help Your Teen Find a Job

Is your teen planning to get a summer job? When your teenager needs money for items ranging from pizza to paying college costs—then it’s probably an opportune time to give him or her some tips on finding a job. » Read more

Is Your Teen Abusing Prescription Drugs?

Did you know that one of every five teens in the nation has abused prescription drugs? Prescribed medications now rank second (after marijuana) among all drugs misused by teens. How can you tell if your child is over-using prescribed medicines or has an addiction to them? » Read more

Love and Logic: A Low-Stress Approach to Parenting

Bringing up kids to become well-adjusted, highly effective people—and having fun while doing it—can be challenging, but also can take a low-stress approach. This approach requires using, and teaching, the right balance of love and good judgment. » Read more