Report: Teens with Virginity Pledges Still Having Sex

By JustMommies staff

A new study reveals that teens who took virginity pledges are still having sex – and are using less birth control/protection than teens that didn’t make such proclamations about abstinence.

HealthDay News reports that the study, done by Janet E. Rosenbaum, a post doctorate of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, included teens who took these virginity pledges and teens who were more likely to delay sexual activity.

Among the findings of the 5-year study, Rosenbaum revealed that, “Virginity pledgers and similar non-pledgers don't differ in the rates of vaginal, oral or anal sex or any other sexual behavior. Strikingly, pledgers are less likely than similar non-pledgers to use condoms and also less likely to use any form of birth control.”

In fact, pledgers were 10 percent less likely to use a condom than non-pledgers. “Sex education programs for teens who take pledges tend to be very negative and inaccurate about condom and birth control information,” Rosenbaum explained.

Rosenbaum also reports that teen pledgers starting having sex at the same time as non-pledgers, but they did have 0.1 percent fewer sexual partners over the past year.

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