Do you have Mobile Mama Mojo?

  1. Question 1: You're on the way to a play date at the park and realize you left the directions at home. What do you do?

  1. Question 2: You've gone away for the weekend to visit family and you don't have access to the internet. What do you do?

  2. Question 3: Your best friend buys a cool new high tech cell phone. What do you think?

  3. Question 4: If you are going on a short trip to the convenience store do you bring your cell phone with you?

  4. Question 5: I mostly use my cell phone for:

  5. Question 6: How often do you check your email?

  6. Question 7: Your friend calls and wants to take you to lunch next week. What do you do?

  7. Question 8: Your husband is in the backyard with the kids. You have had a long day with the kids and are ready to sit down, relax, and watch television, but you don't know where your husband left the remote control. What do you do?

  8. Question 9: You're going on an 8 hour road trip to see grandma. What do you do to entertain the kids while you are driving?

  9. Question 10: Do you text?