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Choosing Whether Or Not To Circumcise Your Child

By Laura Leavitt

By Nancy Da Silva For many parents, the decision whether or not to circumcise their newborn sons can be an emotional, not to mention confusing one. There are pro’s and con’s on both ends and each is side is only too eager to debate the issue. For clarity’s sake, let’s explain exactly what circumcision
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Circumcision and Circumcision Care

By Laura Leavitt

Choosing whether or not to circumcise your son can be a difficult choice. The important thing to remember is that circumcision is a choice. When a male fetus is developing, specifically his genitals, the penis develops with a special covering. This covering is called the foreskin. What once was thought
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Choosing a Pediatrician

By Laura Leavitt

Look for a doctor who will have you and your baby's best interests at heart.
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Newborn Hearing Screening

By Laura Leavitt

  Both the AAP and the CDC recommend newborns having hearing screenings. Many states require newborns to have hearing screenings before they leave the hospital. Up to 3 babies out of 1000 born will have significant hearing loss. In fact, according to the March of Dimes, hearing loss is one of the most
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