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Battle Of Wills: Dealing With A Strong Willed Child

By Nancy Da SilvaHow many times have you heard this: “You can’t make me!” If your child hasn’t reached the verbal stage yet, a shrieking, glowering tantrum certainly gets the same message across. You want them to do something, and your child doesn’t want to do it. There’s also your child
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Balance Your Roles: Partners vs. Parents

It's important that your connection with your partner doesn't get overwhelmed by your duties as a parent.
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Bridging the Great Mom/Dad Divide

Mom and Dad often approach both marriage and parenting differently; learning to speak each other's parenting language may seriously help.
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Casual Remarks

An excerpt from: Hidden Messages: What Our Words and Actions are Really Telling Our Children By Elizabeth Pantley It’s a curious affliction: the tendency to talk about one’s children in the most brutally honest and hurtful ways without realizing that the cherished subjects of the offensive comments
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Coping With a Difficult Former Spouse as You Co-Parent

Finding a way to co-parent peacefully, even when your ex doesn't want to do so, can be very helpful to your children.
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Direction and Discipline: Be a Parent, Not a Pushover

Discipline may be an unpleasant part of parenting, but it is important for your child's development!
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Family Meals - A Thing of the Past?

Making time to eat together and speak together can have benefits beyond what you think.
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Fortify Sensitive Kids

There are ways to help your child stand up for himself or herself.
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Get Over it, Kid!

Children take time to learn exactly what is worth a big reaction and what needs to roll off our backs.
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How to Have a Happy Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents

Fill your marriage with both deep love for your spouse and love for your children.
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