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Trying to Conceive

More learning now on implant and hpt

1. Timing of Implantation A pregnancy test detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) either in the blood or in the urine. The hCG in the urine comes from the hCG in the blood after it was filtered through the kidney. After ovulation, the egg gets fertilized and travels through the fallopian tube toward the uterus. This travel takes an average of a week. Implantation, the attachment of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus, occurs on average about...

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11 days late, one bit of spotting, am i pregnant?

Hi there, Im 11 days late on my AF, my last period was the 20th June. I am now on calendar day 40 of a regular 29-30 day cycle. I have had major dizzy spells and extreme backache with slight headaches. I have also been urinating a lot lately and never have any of this when AF usually shows. I took 2 pregnancy tests, one on the day after my missed period and one a week after i was due. The doctor said to try again in a week which will be the 1st August and see if it tests positive. I dont want...

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New & TTC

I'll start with a bit about me..I am living in Florida and my boyfriend and I of 5 years have been TTC for about three months now. I am 24 and he is 25 both in good health. I am beginning to become discouraged as we have not been able to get pregnant. While we have only been TTC for a few months, we have taken no precaution against pregnancy for 4 years. I have been closely monitoring my cycle in hopes of bettering our chances. I know that not everyone gets pregnant right away, but how long d...

Unplanned Pregnancy

Brown spotting - am I pregnant ?

I and my husband had dry sex on 9th and 10th March. By dry sex, I mean that he only rubbed his organ against my vagina. He did not ejaculate on me. But, he had done so just 5 minutes before it. I took an i-pill just-in-case 4 hours after our activity on 10th March itself. I had a brown spotting on my underwear on 20th March. Is it possible that some residual sperm/precum on his organ has caused me to become pregnant? I am expecting my period at the end of March. Am I pregnant? Or is this t...

High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnant after Tubal ligation???

So I am a mother of 2 girls. I had a tubal ligation (cut and burned) in 2011 during a c section. I had complications after my first daughter, so I have scaring all over my uterus and other parts of my insides. I have been experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy. It didn't even don on my that I could be pregnant until I started having some food aversions. I did have a period this month, but it was very very late and it was very abnormal. I took two tests so far. Both some pink shows where ...

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Am I pregnant? How early can I test?

By JustMommies staff

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, one of the hardest parts is the waiting. The infamous two week wait is enough to frustrate even the most patient woman. The question thus arises, do you need to wait two weeks? With advances in technology it is now possible to detect pregnancy from the
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Pregnancy Test Accuracy Chart

By JustMommies staff

Want to know the real stats on pregnancy tests? We have asked our members to help us develop stats from real moms on the accuracy of pregnancy tests. Pregnancy Test Accuracy Chart Pregnancy Test Brand days past ovulation for positive results false +/evap lines false negative/tested + with another brand
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Very Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test (Pregnant or not pregnant?)

By JustMommies staff

Taking a home pregnancy test is easy, right? Two pink lines, pregnant; one pink line, not pregnant. How much easier could it get? But here you are at the end of your cycle anxiously waiting to test. You take the test and there is a faint line. Now what does that mean? Are your eyes playing tricks on
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Early Pregnancy Symptoms - The earliest pregnancy signs before you miss a period!

Your period isn’t even late yet but you’re starting to notice some really early pregnancy symptoms.
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Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

By JustMommies staff

Yes you can get pregnant during your period, but your chances of getting pregnant during your period are slim. The best time for a woman to get pregnant is around the middle of her cycle, close to ovulation. For the average woman this is around cycle day 12 to 16. However, it is possible to get pregnant
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When Did I Conceive? How to Calculate Your Conception Date

By JustMommies staff

You’re pregnant! Now that you’ve received the wonderful news, one of the first questions you’ll want to know is “When is the baby due?” There are several key dates at the beginning of your pregnancy that can help you calculate your due date, including the first day of your last menstrual period
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