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Dealing with Gender Disappointment

By Laura Leavitt

We can't help it; we sometimes get our hearts set on a gender.
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Coping with an Unplanned Pregnancy

By Laura Leavitt

Take a deep breath. You'll get through this!
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Ten Old Wives' Tales About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting; it’s hope and fear and the unknown all bundled into one nine-month adventure.
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Having a "Sort of" Unplanned Pregnancy

By Laura Leavitt

Most people know, deep down, if there was a plan.
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Embarrassing Questions During Pregnancy

By Patty Malowney

There are certain things about pregnancy that women may want to know the answers to but may be afraid
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Pregnancy Changes You May Not Expect

By Laura Leavitt

Even if these aren't bodily changes you want, they lead to your child.
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Pregnant and Depressed

By Laura Leavitt

It isn't uncommon to experience changes of mood and feelings of sadness.
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Confronting Addiction During Pregnancy

By Laura Leavitt

It can be a scary moment to realize.
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