Third Trimester

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2009 Playroom

head down already??? is this normal?

I'm really really sorry if someone has posted this already, but I've looked through alot of threads and I can't find a post with an awnser to this question so here's my own very first post! ^_^ I'm 31 weeks pregnant today (yay me! lol) but my midwife said that my son is already in the head down position. I didn't think of it until after I left the office but... isn't it too early for him to be "locked and loaded"? And I'm concerned about sitting the wrong way- what if I hurt his little head o...

2011 Playroom

Awesome in the third trimester: belly painting

Here's something awesome to do in the third trimester (you know, even though we're miserable) - belly painting! Here's an article about it on JM: Anyone planning on doing belly painting? What are you gonna paint?...

2011 Playroom

Awesome in the third trimester: Maternity Pics!

I always equate the third trimester with the time to take maternity pics. Anyone getting professional pics taken? Anyone with pics to share?...

2011 Playroom

Anyone else getting "You're not gonna make it that long" comments?

Maybe it's just me and the way I carry my babies, but it's starting again... People are telling me they don't think I'm going to make it until August 21st. Which basically means, GIRL, you have a big ol' preggo belly! Dalton was born on his due date and these comments started at around the same time with him....

2016 Playroom

High Thyroid TSH Level In Third Trimester

I was having thyroid since 2 years and was under the 37.5 mg dosage of LevoThyroxine. I knew that in pregnancy the thyroid levels increase and they increase the dosage too. But since my levels were normal at 8 weeks of pregnancy, I was asked to continue 37.5 mg dosage. I even asked my doctor to re-check my thyroid levels in the between but he brushed it off saying we shall do it at 28 weeks. Now when I did my tests at 28 weeks, I came to know tht my TSH level is 5.7 which is high as the normal ...

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Insomnia in Pregnancy

By JustMommies staff

During your last trimester, getting a good night sleep becomes increasingly difficult.You may be having a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping position or you may be getting up throughout the night to use the bathroom. Along with all the physical symptoms keeping you up, you may be preoccupied with
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Kick Count Chart (PDF format)

By JustMommies staff
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Keeping Track of Fetal Movements

By JustMommies staff

Starting around 18 weeks of pregnancy, you will begin to feel fetal movements. These kicks and movements will be easier to distinguish the further along you are. Around 28 weeks of pregnancy is a good time to start keeping track of fetal movements daily by using a kick count chart. Opinions vary from
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