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New to homeschooling board and have questions

Hi, everyone! I've been researching homeschooling curriculum the past couple of months and am very ...

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rely mainlrftgy on trftghis one

Watch Star Wars The Last Jedi M...


Happy Holidays!

I harvested this tatsoi today and put a few cranberries on it and voila - a living wreath! :) Hav...


Dealing with pests?

I have a question. Like I've said before this is my first time gardening. I have a raised bed, and...

Housekeeping, Home Decor, and Organization

Good Alarm System Recommendations?

We just had a break in last week. The burglar made of with an iphone and some loose cash which was l...

Aggressive Toddlers: Bullies In Training?

By Nancy Da Silva

The world can be a scary place for little ones. Everyone and almost everything is bigger than they are. They have no real control over where they go or what they do. Some children are shy and intimidated by the world around them so they become withdrawn. With age and guidance, most kids come out of their
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Toddler Bullies: Taking The ‘Play’ Out Of Playtime

By Nancy Da Silva

We all remember the schoolyard bully. Sometimes we were on the receiving end of their taunts and aggression, sometimes we watched as they teased someone else. Hopefully once we get older we no longer have to deal with bullies. But what happens when the bullying is now happening to our children and well
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