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From The Message Boards

**NEW** Due Date Club of August 2018

What season baby will this be?

spring, summer, winter, fall? August is winter in New Zealand...

Women's Health

bf gave me std

yuk anyone ever had one? it better not hurm my baby :(...

Trying to Conceive

Jan Two week wait

Starting a new 2 week wait :D cd 15 hang over from xmas lol...

Due Date Club of February 2018

We are getting close! How about weekly checks

Hey Ladies, I know we haven't been the most active group. I think we are all a bunch of busy mamas, ...

Trying to Conceive

Testing tomorrow!

Who else is testing tomorrow? Any symptoms? My boobs are killing me and I cant stand for anything ...

5 Dating Guidelines for Your Teens

The time will come when your teen tells you they want to start dating. Chances are you will take a long pause. Perhaps you will think back to the day you gave birth and how it felt like only yesterday you were changing their diapers or watching their first recital. There is also the possibility that
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Teen Romance: How Young Is Too Young?

By JustMommies staff

When it comes to teenage love, how do you know if your child is too young for a relationship? Stay in tune with what’s happening in your teen’s life, and be ready to give guidance and emotional support. Start by taking a look at the big picture. According to studies at the University of Florida,
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